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setup of control panel;
setup of additional IPs;
nameservers configuration;
web & database server software configuration;
backups advice and configuration;
applying Security/Optimization Package (see below);
performance tuning;
+ 1 month of maintenance under our Server Management Plan!
Price: $100


kernel upgrade;
firewall and brute-force detection package installation and configuration (APF+BFD/CSF software), iptables-based firewall and anti-dos rulesets;
LES - (Linux Environment Security) enforces various restrictions on system programs;
LSM (Linux Socket Monitor) - detects rogue services;
/tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm hardening prevents malicious scripts from being executed;
Host.conf Hardening - prevents IP spoofing and DNS poisoning;
ChkRootKit/RootkitHunter scripts that detect software used by hackers. They run once a day and email the client if any suspicious scripts are found;
Disabling/Removing Unused Services/Software to prevent them from being exploited;
TCP/IP Hardening prevents DDOS and SYN-Flood attacks;
Logwatch sends a daily report to the client with all activity that has taken place on the server for that day;
Operating System Optimization faster operation and load reduction, includes Apache and Mysql optimization;
Mod_Security - extensive rule-sets add additional layers of security for your web applications;
eAccelerator / Zend Optimizer / Ioncube Installation - eAccelerator dramatically decreases page loading times by caching php scripts in a compiled state;
Disable Open DNS Recursion - prevents foreign queries that strain your dns servers;
antispam configuration;
antivirus configuration;
Price: $60

Kernel upgrades: $20

Updates of server software, transfer of your websites/databases, installation of php/cgi scripts, hack and disaster emergency recovery, security tightening, performance tuning. Please contact us with details to get a quote: $20/hour


24x7x365 server monitoring, we handle reboots of your server;
Within 24 hours resolution time for your support requests (average time 2-4 hours);
Server software upgrades as new software packages and patches are released, including kernel upgrades;
WHM/CPanel issues resolution;
3rd party software installation
Initial Server Setup (see above);
Hack/Disaster recovery;
Sites Transfer/Server Migration;
Server security maintenance (Security/Optimization Package applied and further updates performed);
Daily comprehensive logs monitoring;
* Price: $60/month

* Monthly Server Management Plan includes 3 hours of support time per month, which is enough to maintain 90% of web servers. Extra time is billed at $20/hour. First month may be billed at the Initial Server Setup fee of $100, if it requires a few hours of server migration/sites transfer work.


Contact us for a quote
or general questions at:

[email protected]